North Petherton Town Council has responded to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic by suspending its meetings until further notice, thus reducing the risk of spreading the disease particularly to those at most risk.
A comprehensive scheme of delegation was agreed at its last Council meeting, in anticipation of the crisis worsening, to ensure that services could continue and decisions could be made without the need to actually meet.
The public will continue to be encouraged to be involved in the Council’s activities by using email and the website, where all current matters will be displayed and all decisions listed.
Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Bradford, said: “It is important in such unprecedented times not to just carry on as normal, because things are far from normal. As a Council, we took the time to think carefully about what we might need to do should the situation demand it and to put the necessary procedures in place to enable us to act if and when the time came. That time has now clearly come. We all hope that we will soon be on the other side of this crisis, but in the meantime I and my fellow councillors will be doing all that we can to help the people of North Petherton get through it safely. I would urge everyone who can to visit our website so that they are fully aware of the actions that we are taking.”