The Town Council is made up of fourteen councillors & a town clerk

Cllr P Spencer


Cllr R Ives

Deputy Mayor

Joy Norris

Town Clerk

Cllr D Baker
Cllr A Bradford
Cllr Mrs D Bunce
Cllr Mrs L Dennis-Smith
Cllr Mrs E Fell
Cllr S Fowell
Cllr S Habberfield
Cllr Mrs L Hyde
Cllr L Parchment
Cllr P Reddington
Cllr Mrs L Spelman-Ives
Cllr J Taylor

2023/2024 Civic Year

Mayor:  Councillor Philip Spencer

Deputy Mayor: Councillor Richard Ives

Committees and Working Groups

Finance Committee

Councillors Damian Baker, Debbie Bunce, Eleanor Fell, Richard Ives (Deputy Mayor ex officio), Luke Parchment, Paul Reddington, Philip Spencer (ex officio)

General Purposes Committee

Councillors Alan Bradford, Louise Dennis-Smith, Linda Hyde, Richard Ives (Committee Chair) (Deputy Mayor ex officio), Luke Parchment, Julian Taylor, Philp Spencer (Mayor ex officio)

Planning Committee

Councillors Steve Fowell, Sue Habberfield, Linda Hyde, Richard Ives (Deputy Mayor ex officio), Lucinda Spelman-Ives, Julian Taylor, Philip Spencer (Mayor ex officio)

Local Government Review Working Group

Councillor Philip Spencer – Mayor (ex officio),

Councillor Richard Ives – Deputy Mayor (ex officio),

Councillors Hyde, Parchment and Reddington

Climate Change Working Group

Councillors Bunce & Hyde

Tree Working Group

Councillors Hyde, Ives, Parchment, Reddington and Taylor

Representatives on Outside Bodies

Friends of North Petherton Library – Councillors Hyde & Dennis-Smith

Moorland Village Hall Committee – Councillor Steve Fowell

North Newton Playing Fields – Councillor Alan Bradford

North Petherton Community Centre – Councillors Hyde & Ives

Twinning Association – Councillors Bradford & Habberfield

Youth Club – Councillors Dennis-Smith & Hyde

Footpaths – Councillor Fowell

Quantock Hills Joint Advisory Committee – Councillor Taylor

Somerset Association of Local Councils – Councillors Habberfield & Spelman-Ives

Wilstock Country Park – Councillor Ives

Local Community Network – The Mayor  Cllr Philip Spencer