Community Centre Car Park
A large number of local residents attended the January Council meeting to express their concerns about plans by the North Petherton Community Centre Trustees to introduce a new management and charging system for the car park. A wide range of points were made by members of public about how the new proposals would cause problems, not only in operational terms, but also for the town and community in general. Although the trustees had published a paper explaining how the new system would work and why it was being introduced, it was felt that there should have been a proper consultation process. Cllr Bradford made it clear that the community centre and the car park did not fall within the purview of the Council, but he did recognise people’s concerns and frustrations. Members were particularly concerned that the issue should not lead to friction within the local community, nor jeopardise the high regard in which the Centre and its Management Committee were held. With this in mind it was agreed to ask for a meeting between the Committee and a small sgroup of councillors and residents, so that the various issues and opinions could be aired and a common understanding reached.
Precept agreed
The Council agreed its budget for 2019/20 and set a precept for the year of £150,000, equivalent to a band D council tax rate of £45.48 for the year, an increase of 4.38%. Within the budget was provision for taking on the costs of running the local library and youth services from the County Council. Members expressed their thanks to Cllr Spencer, the Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, for his hard work in preparing the budget and financial plan.
New street lights
Cllr Revans reported that he had received a number of requests to improve the street lighting in Old Road North Petherton. The service was the responsibility of the County Council, but the Town Council could pay for additional lights to be installed. It was agreed to ask for costings for up to two new lights.