June: Wilstockhub Big Lunch

Wilstockhub ‘Big Lunch’ is an annual event hosted in the Wilstock park. Residents from the local area meet up for food, drink & entertainment. 

July: The Newt Festival

The Newt Festival is an annual event  in North Newton. You’ll find music performances and lots of beer.

August: North Petherton Flower Show

North Petherton Horticultural society host an Annual show at North Petherton Community Centre. Many local residents enter the competition with their locally grown Flowers, Fruit & Veg produce.

November: Carnival

North Petherton’s very own Carnival featuring the very best on offer is held annually each November.

November: Bridgwater Carnival & Squibbing

An event like no other can be found local to North Petherton. Squibbing!