Town Mayor re-elected

Councillor Alan Bradford was re-elected as the Mayor of North Petherton at the Town Council’s Annual Meeting held on Monday evening 8th May. In proposing Cllr Bradford for what is his fourth term, Cllr Phillip Spencer said “He is doing such a fine job, he must continue.” The proposal was seconded by Cllr Bill Revans and was approved unanimously. Cllr Mrs Marion Denham was elected as Deputy Mayor. In accepting the position, Cllr Bradford thanked the Councillors and the Clerk for their support over the last 12 months and particularly drew attention to the contribution from Cllr Julian Taylor, who had been his Deputy for the previous three years
New Committee set up for Wilstock and Stockmoor

Councillors Mrs Helen Phillips, Mrs Lucinda Spelman, Gareth Jones, Pete MacLaurin and Richard Ives were appointed to the new Wilstock and Stockmoor Committee, along with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The Committee, which will also include members from local organisations and the community, has been established to bring together representatives of all the major stakeholders in the two new villages to make sure that current and longer term issues are addressed and the full potential of the area is realised. Other appointments included: Cllr James Barham as Chairman of the Allotments Committee, Cllr Spencer as Chairman of the Finance Committee and as Chairman of the Cemetery Committee, and Cllr Bill Revans as the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Support for the “Great Get Together”

The Council had received a letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset asking them to support the Great Get Together which had been launched by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, to remember Jo Cox on the anniversary of her death, by encouraging communities to meet and have fun with their neighbours, young and old, by finding a reason to be together because Jo cared about the lonely. Members enthusiastically supported the initiative and Cllrs Mrs Denham and Cllr Mrs Hyde agreed to take the matter forward.
The Year Ahead

In his closing remarks, Cllr Bradford outlined what he felt were some of the main objectives for the Council for the year ahead. He said that it was time that a site was found for a new scout hut in North Petherton and hoped that progress could be made in improving the car park in Parkersfield Playing Fields. However he felt that the Council needed to also take on some of the big issues facing the area and referred particularly to the need for a new