Students, apprentices and trainees aged between 16 and 25 years, living in the parish of North Petherton, are able to apply for small educational grants from the Sir Thomas Wroth Charity and the Cheeke and Stodgell Educational Foundation.
The parish includes North Petherton, North Newton, Moorland, Huntworth, Fordgate, Wolmersdon, Stockmoor, Wilstock and Somerset Bridge.

The grants are available towards the cost of books, software, specialised equipment, project travel, exhibitions, clothing and tools, but will not be awarded for daily travel or living expenses. Specific details of the items required and cost are necessary for your application to be considered. Applicants
may apply in any, or all years, that they meet the criteria of residence.

NEW application forms are available from the town council website by clicking below and must be submitted by 31/10/18,
or by phoning:- 01278662725
or by emailing:-