North Petherton Town Council Privacy Notice

We regard your privacy as important and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

We record personal information if you:

  • Report a problem and give your details for us to respond.
  • Contact us and leave your details for us to respond.

We collect and hold information about you to:

  • Contact you by email, post, or telephone.
  • Understand your needs to provide the information or service you request.
  • Understand what we can do and inform you of other relevant services.

How we use your information:

  • We only use any personal information you send us for the purpose you provide it. We will respect the confidentiality of your data, and all your communications to us are protected against unauthorised access by third parties. We will, on request, erase or amend your details.

Information sharing:

  • We may need to pass on your information to other people to answer your query.

Your rights:

  • You have the right to request access to any information we have about you. If you wish to amend or update your information you can contact the Town Clerk by email on: or telephone on 01823 431702.

To sum up:

  • In accordance with law, we only collect the limited information about you that is necessary for correspondence and information. We will not sell your data and will not pass on your data to third parties without your permission. We will delete all information deemed to be no longer necessary. We will constantly review this Privacy Policy to keep it up to date in protecting your data.


  • If you have a complaint regarding the way your personal data has been processed, you may make a complaint to the Town Clerk: or telephone 01823 431702.

Date of policy:
 June 2021
Policy effective from:
 June 2021
Date for next review:
 June 2022